Embed Videos in Ghost Blog without YouTube or Vimeo

There was a question on the /r/ghost subreddit where a user asked about alternative to Vimeo. This has been on my personal to-do list for a while, so I decided to make this post and outlike how it would be possible to do.


  1. You need to host your file somewhere with a public HTTP endpoint. You can use Amazon S3 or a shared hosting environment as well.
  2. Proper video format. I am no expert, but mp4 seems to work for me.
  3. A little HTML code. Don't worry, you can copy the template below.

NOTE: you might hit some limits with downloads.

The HTML part

In your editor, click the "+"

Animation of the HTML/Video Process

The code using <video> tag

<video controls width="500">

    <source src="https://YOURSITE.COM/YOUR-FILE.MP4"

    Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.

The working video

Here is the video that is illustrated in the animation above.


This is where we quickly covered an alternative way to embed video directly into your Ghost blog without Vimeo or Youtube. Simply hosting the file yourself and using the <video> tag is all that you need.

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