These are some projects I enjoy hacking on from time to time. They scratch my own itch, and maybe that will scratch yours, that weird? Well, try it out.

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"Scratch your own itch" Sites

The following are projects I publish simply because I use them quite often. Some of them are not even alpha quality, but they serve my purpose. My hope is that they will help you, too should you stumble upon them.


Remember when we/our parents would save newspapers and magazines to remember significant events? We have lost that now that so many publications have gone 100% digital. This site is an exploration of that idea. It makes recurring screenshots of different/popular/niched news sites and magazines from around the world. It builds on the simple screenshot sites (see below).

Simple website screenshots


The purpose of this project is to explore and experiment with what it takes to make a website screen-shotting tool. At first it may seem like an easy task, but it becomes complex once you try.

NOTE: If you just want a tool that "just works" then I suggest you try any of the capable services linked below on the repo here

Curabase: Shared bookmarks for teams


Having worked on multiple teams the same problems come up again and again. The issue of shared bookmarks for teams often crosses my path, so I started making this web app. I hope to put more time into because I think it could be a nice side-hustle.

The graveyard of defunct, retired, shutdown, and lost interest, but still mildly interesting projects



Scratch your own itch. I just wanted a simple tool to list all the startup and tech events in my town. I did it and then realized it was pretty easy to do for many other cities as well. So, here we are.

Update July 2020: The corona virus pandemic of 2020 really put the kibosh on in-person events. That, and its time had come.