Will web3 and AI make the web weird again?

Web3 and AI each provide a fun context to experiment, play, and build like it is 1999 all over again. Brace yourself, it's about to get weirder.

Will web3 and AI make the web  weird again?

Ah, the Internet - a realm once raw, capricious, and loaded with the unexpected. It was a battlefield that required a savvy teenager to simply go online, engage in dialogue, or unleash your eccentricities. Yet, the reward outweighed the struggle, pulling millions into the virtual fray, irrespective of their tech dexterity.

A myriad of tools shaped this era. Email mailing lists held strong. Usenet persisted, albeit in a diminished form. IRC, against all odds, refused to fold. AOL, though abhorred, lingered on. Social platforms like Friendster, Orkut, and MySpace flourished. Eccentric webpages and forums were abundant. Even Reddit had a certain allure before morphing into a virtual wasteland.

The growing challenge of digital discovery gave rise to search engines. Google, though not the pioneer, outclassed the rest with superior technology, putting Bing out to pasture at a distant second.

History has a knack for resonance if not repetition. Bear with the cliché, it exists for a reason, and this one particularly strikes a chord.

Today, the digital landscape thrums with talks of decentralization. AI looms on the horizon, heralded by a distant siren. 4G and 5G networks are increasingly pervasive. Rumor has it that Apple is eyeing the realm of Augmented Reality. Could we be on the brink of a second digital revolution?

Dive headfirst into the enigma of web3, a tumultuous terrain of daring speculation, bizarre NFT projects, and groundbreaking games. Crypto enthusiasts on Solana are shooting for the stars and developing crypto phones. Yuga Labs places substantial bets on intellectual property rights. New blockchains leverage advanced mathematics in the form of zero-knowledge proofs.

AI, simultaneous media darling and villain, covers all industries, niches, and forms of computing, akin to ants swarming a sugar cube. Grave debates on the emergence of general intelligence and sentience ensue, as AI-generated images illustrate we've crossed the Uncanny Valley.

This distinct whiff of strangeness and innovation signals a special era.

Cherish these embryonic stages, before the wild is tamed, before dominant platforms absorb the oddities, before regulations divide the spoils among the most ruthless.

Accept this truth of human nature. Either adapt or be left voicing your discontent on the next emerging platform.

Feel free to dabble in the new: purchase an NFT, trade a few offbeat cryptocurrencies, explore AI. Dismissing these advancements could mean ignoring the potential of the new digital age.